Northern Sudan

Northern Sudan is rich in culture and steeped in a fascinating past that makes it a unique and enchanting destination. The country was home to the Nubians who were once the enemies of the ancient Egyptians and ruled during the reign of the so-called Black Pharaohs. In October 2019 I undertook a two-week round trip in the north of Sudan. Our small travel group visited a number of archaeological sites along the River Nile as well as the three deserts of Northern Sudan: the Bayuda Desert, the Nubian Desert and the Western Desert.

NamibRand dunes

Three young women sitting in front of the Kerma Museum, Northern Sudan

Quiver tree

Veiled teacher at school, Bayuda Desert

Namibia Wilderness guide

Bisharin nomad girl at school, Bayuda Desert


Landscape Bayuda Desert, Northern Sudan

tour info

This tour in October 2019 was organized by Diamir, Germany and led by the Austrian tour guide Karin Scheidhammer.


Participation in lessons at a school in the Bayuda Desert. The teacher lectured about the importance of water for the people of the region.