kamchatka peninsula

In the Far East of Russia, sandwiched between the Sea of Okhotsk in the west and the Pacific Ocean in the east, lies the 1200 km long Kamchatka Peninsula. In August 2019 I spent three weeks there and took part in a trekking tour with expedition character in the south of Kamchatka. In an area near the famous Kuril Lake I went on a six-day tour to explore the wild, rough and untouched wilderness. In addition, I spent some time at the Kurile Lake to observe brown bears and climb the Ilyinsky Volcano, which dominates the area of Kamchatka's deepest lake. In August 2021 I returned to Kamchatka to explore the northern part of the Peninsula.

Arbol de Piedra Bolivian Altiplano

Trekking trough the Kamchatkan wilderness, Pauzhetka area, Southern Kamchatka

Volcano Licancabur Bolivian Altiplano

Panoramic view of the Koshelev Volcano, Pauzhetka area, Southern Kamchatka

Salar de Uyuni Tunupa Bolivia

Approaching Brown Bear, Kurile Lake, Southern Kamchatka


tour info

The tour in August 2019 was organized by Diamir, Germany and led by the German tour guide Marco Grünler and the local Russian guide Ivan Popov. Local tour operator was Kamchatka Jurta Llc. aka KamchatkaPure. The tour in August 2021, led by German tour guide Thorsten Kutschke and the Russian guides Roma, Igor and Aleksey, was again organised by Diamir, Germany. Local tour operator was Volcanoes Land.


Exploring the untouched and rugged wilderness of Kamchatka on foot