southern africa

In August 2015 I spent three weeks in Namibia, touring the country in a four-wheel drive vehicle. The main focus was on the Namib Desert that stretches over 2000km along the south-western coast of the African continent. The Namib Desert landscape comprises a range of landscape types from hills to gravel plains and dune fields.

NamibRand dunes

The red oxidised sand of the NamibRand dunes, NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namib Desert

Quiver tree

Quiver tree (Kokerboom), Naukluft Mountains

Namibia Wilderness guide

Wilderness guide, Palmwag, Damaraland


Camelthorn trees provide shade at Purros Community Campsite, Hoarusib River, Kaokoland

tour info

This tour in August 2015 was organized by Hauser Exkursionen, Germany and led by the German tour guide Egmont Striegl.


The NamibRand Nature Reserve with its red sand dunes, grey-mauve mountains and golden grass plains. A great place to sleep under the stars.