bolivian altiplano

In August 2013 I spent four days in Bolivia, travelling across the Bolivian Altiplano. Attractions included brightly coloured lagoons filled with flamingos, active volcanos, geothermal fields and painted mountains. A highlight: Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest natural salt flat. It contains cactus-covered 'islands' that visitors can explore.

Arbol de Piedra Bolivian Altiplano

Árbol de Piedra ("stone tree"), a rock formation carved by wind-blown sand, Bolivian Altiplano

Volcano Licancabur Bolivian Altiplano

Volcano Licancabur, 5920m, seen from near Laguna Blanca, 4350m, Bolivian Altiplano

Salar de Uyuni Tunupa Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni with volcano Tunupa, 5432m, in the background, Bolivian Altiplano


tour info

This tour in August 2013 was organized by Hauser Exkursionen, Germany and led by the German tour guide Steffen Welsch and the Argentinean tour guide Carola Andrea Jozwicki.


Scrambling up cactus-covered 'islands' for panoramic views of the Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat